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Our road towards a sustainable tomorrow

Sustainability Plan 2025

HOCHTIEF is one of the world’s leading infrastructure groups with respect to sustainability. Now we are taking another major step forward because strengthening  our environmental, social and govern-mental sustainability also ensures HOCHTIEF’s long-term business success. We are going to further enhance our leading role in relation to ESG  (Environmental, Social and Governance). To this end, all business units have developed our Sustainability Plan 2025.

Our Sustainability Plan 2025 is based on three pillars: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Within each pillar, we have defined the most relevant lines of action and respective KPIs that will guide our daily work at HOCHTIEF.

Collaboration, digitalization and innovation are crucial to accomplish our sustainability plan.

Being Climate Neutral by 2045

Being climate neutral “net zero” by 2045.

Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions  through increased awareness, knowledge, efficiency, green design solutions, low-carbon construction material, innovations in equipment/machinery and improve construction as well as operation methods.

We take collective action across the value chain, support our clients and engage with our suppliers, while strengthening the resilience of our business against the effects of climate change.

Moving towards a circular economy

Moving towards a circular economy, while protecting water and biodiversity.

Reduce the use of raw materials and avoid the generation of waste, increase recycling , implement circular economy practices, protect water and raise awareness to increase biodiversity

Improving operations and supply chain

Improving sustainable operations and managing a responsible supply chain.

Integrate sustainability in all our operations and supply chain such as health and safety, human rights, environmental protection, labor rights, and ethics.

Culture of inclusion and diversity

Fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity.

Have a culture of inclusion and diversity on the workplace, promoting equal opportunities beyond race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, religion or beliefs, disability, age, or sexual identity. Address social issues in ways that create value for our business and stakeholders by supporting the people in the vicinity of our projects.

Our sustainability plan comprises among others carbon reduction targets in order to support the goals of the Paris Agreement to stop global warming. The sustainability plan also has a social and a governance dimension: We not only care about all the people who work for us. We also attach great importance to ensuring that our high standards extend to the entire supply chain and that human rights apply to everyone who works on our projects. We only work with partners who are committed to our values.

Martina Steffen, Member of the Executive Board, Chief Sustainability Officer

Shaping our sustainable future

Our Environmental Highlights
Our Social Highlights
Our Governance Highlights

We are committed


HOCHTIEF Sustainability Plan 2025

HOCHTIEF Sustainability Plan 2025

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