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Start out as an organizational talent

Commercial professions requiring formal training

Do you always keep a good overview and are well organized? Are you not just interested in challenges on the construction site, but are also fascinated by all the planning tasks that are involved? In our commercial specialist training professions, you control company processes from a business perspective.

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Commercial clerk

We are looking for all-round talents! As an industrial administrator you will receive business training in the most varied of central specialist areas. You learn the procurement process and provide support in selecting suppliers. These tasks are not only performed through personal conversations but also by e-mail or by telephone. In accounting you are responsible for booking invoices, analyzing costs and initiating payments.

Furthermore, in the sphere of human resources you get to know the processes involved with hiring an employee, how an employment contract is structured and provide support in organizing continuing education measures. And in Corporate Communications you are involved in marketing our products. Firmly plan us in your ambitions for a professional career, and apply for a training course as commercial clerk.

For this skilled profession you require entrance qualifications for university or university of applied sciences. You will find all other requirements and contents of the skilled profession in the job offer of our job search.

I was absolutely delighted to be able to finally personally get to know the other trainees.

Michelle Bendzulla, trainee, about her first day

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Application tips

We would like your application process to be as trouble-free and, above all, as successful as possible. That’s why we are providing appropriate tips for you here.

  • Letter

    Your letter should have your address, contact data, the current date, a subject heading citing the job you are applying for, the date when you would like to start and the location where you want to work. Address the letter to the contact person of the job offer.

  • Curriculum vitae

    To find out whether we suit each other, we are interested in your school education, professional career and your interests. We can best find out all that in your curriculum vitae. For this purpose, structure your tabular curriculum vitae with a clear overview and provide your personal data and qualifications.

  • Job interview

    A job interview can be a challenging situation. You should nevertheless attempt to just be yourself and try to relax. We would like to talk to you in a pleasant and easygoing atmosphere and get to know you as a person. During the interview, you do not need to present your documents again—we already know them. You also don’t have to pass a verbal examination.

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Application process

From online application right through to the first working day: This illustrates the seven steps of our application process.

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